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Why was there a need to form this association?

With the SABS trying to adopt new globally approved standards for the various new polymer piping systems available for hot and cold water systems, it was important for an industry body to assist them in this process. It was also important for such a body to act as a mouthpiece for all participants in order to get truthful, factual and understandable information into the market, and to reduce the clutter of unsubstantiated claims by different manufacturers/distributors regarding theirs and otherís products.

Have you met these needs?

Certainly, the adoption of ISO standards by SABS has been completed, and PHACT helped protect this process from being manipulated to individual manufacturer/distributor benefits. Being the only association that has survived, we can legitimately call ourselves the mouthpiece for the industry.

What measures have been put in place to meet these needs? Please give us an examples.

PHACT has continuously promoted approved polymer piping systems as an alternative to traditional metal systems. This has been in the form of technical articles, advertisements, technical seminars.

For example we hosted technical seminars in Cape Town and Johannesburg for building inspectors to make them aware of the different systems available and what to look for in terms of an approved system.

What are the Objectives of PHACT ?

To promote the use of approved Polymer Piping Systems for hot and cold water use via truthful, factual and verifiable information.

Who can be a member?

Any manufacturer/distributor of polymer piping systems for hot and cold water use, whose product(s) hold or are in the process of gaining SABS approval. If products are in the process, the membership will be probationary.

How does one become a member?

Potential member companies apply to PHACT. PHACT verifies the SABS approval status of the applicantís product(s) and the applicant will then be asked to commit to a code of conduct which includes ethical marketing of their products.

What are the benefits of being a part of the association?

Group advertising to the market. Being associated with only SABS approved product supplying companies. Being able as a group to promote polymer piping. Being able to pool technical resources, being able to host events that benefit the industry, but share the costs, having representation in discussions with SABS, JASWIC, NHBRC, IOPSA, Insurance industry, Solar industry etc

What kind of training does PHACT provide for plumbers? What does this training entail?

Because the different systems all have different jointing technologies it has proved impossible to generate a generic training course, however we are working hard to include polymer piping for hot and cold water use in the unit standards for plumber qualification.

What has been PHACTís greatest achievement/s thus far?

Ensuring that the correct ISO standards were adopted for this sector of the industry. Seeing the industry gradually shifting to polymer as a replacement for metal systems, particularly on high profile/large scale projects.