The following member companies are proud to announce their compliance with the required SA National Standards.

South African National Standards (SANS) are the only valid standards in South Africa against which polymer hot and cold water piping systems can be approved. Approval to these standards can currently be awarded by certification bodies accredited by SANAS (South African National Accreditation System). Accredited bodies include:


Atlas Plastics

Head Office: 31 Neutron Road, Uraniaville, Klerksdorp, South Africa

Contact: +27 18 469 1201



Blue Ocean Southern Africa

Head Office: Unit 1 64 Vervoer Street, Johannesburg 2163, South Africa

Contact: +27 87 231 0327



Geberit Southern Africa

Head Office: 6 Meadowview Lane, Meadowview Business Estate, Longmeadow, Linbro Park, ZA-4001 Johannesburg

Contact: +27 11 444 5070 ext. 2027



Harscan Distributors

Head Office: 55 Hill Street, Ferndale 2194

Contact: 011 787 2993



Marley Pipe Systems Pro-Fit

Head Office: 1 Bickley Road, Pretoriusstad, Nigel (Building Division)

Contact: 011 739-8600



Rifeng Piping Systems

Head Office: 32 Hawthorne Drive, Phoenix 4300, Durban

Contact: +27 31 571 6300



Serbco South Africa

Head Office: 25 Cabernet Road, Saxenburg Park 1, Blackheath, Cape Town

Contact: +27 21 905 7749



Speedfit Africa

Head Office: Unit 4, Savannah Park, 2A Sneezewood Lane, Glen Anil, Durban, South Africa, 4051

Contact: 031 569 3073



Associate Members

INTERACT Media Defined

Head Office: 13A Riley Road, Befordview, 2007, South Africa

Contact: 011 579 4940




Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct



Code of Conduct


As a member of PHACT, I commit myself, my member company and all staff working for such member company to the following code of conduct:


  • To comply and adhere to all relevant product standards and specifications as stipulated by the SABS and JASWIC as are mutually agreed on and accepted by the Association


  • To market products in a responsible and professional manner that upholds the ideals and standards of the Association


  • To agree that manufactured, marketed and installed products may be tested and results made available to all the members of the Association


  • To accept that the Association reserves the right to make public any repeated non-conformance to this code


  • To abide by all guidelines and regulations as stipulated in the Constitution


  • To promote the Association in a responsible and professional manner


  • That should I bring the Association or any of its members into disrepute without due cause and without evidence to confirm any allegations made, that I agree to such resultant measures that the members, by specific vote, may take against me or the member organization I represent


Signed at ___________________________ on the _________  day of ____________________ 201_______


(Name) ________________________________________ (Sign)____________________________________


Representing (Company Name) ______________________________________________________________




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The Polymer Hot And Cold Technology association
P. O. Box 2381, George 6530, South Africa
Tel: 082 773 6351 Fax: 086 613 9930 Email:

PHACT Constitution

PHACT Constitution




1.    Name

The name of the Association shall be the


and shall be the National body to represent the interests of manufacturers and distributors of Polymer piping systems for Hot and Cold water applications and to deal with each and all such matters as may affect the common interests of the members.

2.    Objectives

2.1 To promote the increased awareness and use of correctly accredited polymer piping systems in hot and cold water applications as manufactured and/or distributed by members.


2.2 To promote and protect the interests of the Association, and its members, to encourage member co-operation and to deal with all such matters as may affect the common interests of members.


2.3 To collect and disseminate information likely to be of use to members.


2.4 To generate an accepted quality standard to which members must comply so as to promote the image of PHACT, its members and its members’ products with possible users.


2.5 To co-operate with other associations and organisations where necessary or desirable in carrying out the objectives of the Association.


2.6 To do any and all lawful acts and to perform and furnish all lawful services which may be deemed to be useful or desirable in order to carry out the Association's objectives and activities.


2.7 To encourage and assist in the settlement of disputes be enquiry, conciliation and / or arbitration.


3.    Membership

3.1 Membership is open to persons and business entities who are actively engaged in the manufacture and/or distribution of polymer piping systems for hot & cold water applications, which comply with the relevant JASWIC Acceptance and/or SABS Approval.

3.1.1 Full Membership is open to those members with current valid JASWIC Acceptance and/or SABS Approval for their systems.

3.1.2 Temporary Membership is open to those committed to the objectives of the Association, but who are still actively involved in the accreditation process. In this case, such membership is at the discretion of the Full Members of the association, who shall vote for the admission/refusal of such membership, and how long such membership may last.

3.1.3 Associate Membership is open to equipment, material or service suppliers who are committed to the objectives of the Association. Again, such membership is at the discretion of the Full Members of the association, who shall vote for the admission/refusal of such membership.

3.1.4 Honorary Membership is open to any individual or entity that in the view of the Association has consistently promoted the objectives of the Association, or the Association itself, to the level that such membership is deserved. This shall be at the discretion of the Full Members of the association, who shall vote for the admission/refusal of such membership.


4.    Representation and Voting

4.1 All Full members of the Association shall have a single vote for the election of an Executive Committee


4.2 All Full members of the Association shall have a single vote for the election of new members


4.3 All Full and Temporary members of the Association shall have a single vote on all other matters where a vote is deemed necessary. Associate and Honorary members do not enjoy voting rights, but may propose resolutions for members to consider.


4.4 Voting shall be by a show of hands unless a secret vote is requested and agreed to by the members.


4.5 All matters shall be deemed acceptable by majority vote. Each member shall have a single vote.


5.    Control and Management

5.1 An Executive Committee will be elected. Such Executive Committee shall serve for a period of twelve months, after which a new Executive Committee may be elected. Executive Committee members must be full members of PHACT in either their personal or business capacity.

5.1.1 The current Executive Committee elected in December 2006 is: Chairman – Ken Patrick – Marley Pipe Systems Technical – Cornelius Schenck – Afripex Treasurer – Malcolm Harris – Harscan Distributors


5.2 Executive Committee members may resign at any time, in which case a new Executive Committee member must be voted for. A company colleague may not automatically take over as a replacement. Should an Executive Committee member’s situation change materially (e.g. change company, move away from the industry etc.) the members are entitled to request that such Executive Committee member resign their portfolio.


5.3 Monthly meetings will be held, and notification of such meetings will be issued


5.4 No guests will be invited to attend the meetings unless sanctioned by the Executive committee, and communicated with the entire membership in advance of such meetings. Proposed invitations should be forwarded to the Chairman no later than 7 (SEVEN) days prior to the relevant meeting. Any member may object to a proposed guest, giving reasons for such objection, and in such a case, the decision of the Executive Committee will be binding.


5.5 No organisation shall have more than 1 (ONE) member elected to the Executive Committee.


5.6 Executive Committee members are eligible for re-election.


5.7 The Executive Committee may be expanded at the request of a member, and voted for as normal. Likewise the Executive Committee may be reduced in the same manner.


5.8 When a member cannot attend an association meeting but wishes to vote on a specific issue, they should send written notification of their vote to the Chairman no less than 24 hours before such meeting, making their voting instructions clear. Only in the case of signed proof of acceptance of such notification, and the sender’s vote having not been properly cast, shall any vote be re-taken. No other written mandates are acceptable.


5.9 The Association Chairperson shall not have a casting vote.


5.10 The committee shall make such decisions and take such actions as are consistent with the objects of the Association and the interests of its members.


5.11 An Annual General Meeting will take place each year in March. At such AGM financial statements will be presented, and each Executive Committee member will present their report for the preceding year. Such reports will be early on the Agenda of January’s meeting, after which the new Executive Committee for the year will take up their portfolios.

5.12 All Members (Full, Temporary, Associate and Honorary) agree to commit themselves to the Association’s Code of Conduct. Should a member flout the prescriptions of such Code of Conduct, and subject to the results of an enquiry into the matter, they may be found guilty of bringing the Association into disrepute. Should this be the finding, they may have their membership of the Association terminated immediately. Such an action must be the result of the following process:

5.12.1 A complaint in writing laid with the Executive Committee against a member

5.12.2 An enquiry held by the Chairman into the complaint

5.12.3 A written report of the findings issued to all members

5.12.4 The opportunity for the affected party to state their case to the association membership

5.12.5 A majority vote by Full members of the Association to terminate membership


6.    Alterations to the Constitution

6.1 The constitution may be amended at any meeting provided that at least fourteen (14) days written notice of the proposed amendments is given to members. Proposed amendments should be addressed to the Chairman in good time to effect this.


7.    Finance

7.1 Financial statements shall be compiled by a competent person and shall be submitted to each member present at the Annual General Meeting of the Association for approval.


7.2 Bank account transactions are to be signed by two (2) members of the executive committee.


7.3 Subscription rates may be amended from time to time subject to ratification by the members


8.    Quorum

8.1 Quorum will be 5 (FIVE) Full members of the Association.


9.    Winding Up

9.1 The Association shall be wound up if a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose has no less than a third of the total number of Full Members of the Association in good financial standing present and they vote in favour of a resolution that the Association be wound up.


9.2 Member companies shall not be considered liable for any debts of the Association, and the Executive Committee is expressly forbidden from incurring debts in excess of available funds, save by specific voting on specific projects by the members, in which case the membership is liable for a share of such agreed costs.

Signed at __________________________ on the _________  day of ____________________ 201_____
Chairman (Name) ____________________________________________ (Sign)__________________________________
Executive Committee 1 (Name) ________________________________ (Sign)___________________________________
Executive Committee 2 (Name) ________________________________ (Sign)___________________________________




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The Polymer Hot And Cold Technology association
P. O. Box 2381, George 6530, South Africa
Tel: 082 773 6351 Fax: 086 613 9930 Email:

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